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Consultancy and Digital Strategy

Today’s companies are facing a new customer relationship management that has been impacted by new technologies that allow more data to be held. These IT systems make it possible to better understand the needs of its customers in order to get closer to them and ultimately become customer-centric. Thus, the marketing function has gradually shifted from mass marketing to segmented marketing in order to bring value to individual customers.


  • Creation of personas

The creation of personas is an important management tool that simplifies the transition of companies to customer orientation. Indeed, thanks to the different data we can collect on clients, within the limits imposed by the GDPR, we can create a semi-fictive representation of your ideal client based on real data from your existing clients. Thus, each person focuses on a specific customer segment, allowing companies to use them in user-centric design and identify key aspects of their desired needs and experiences.

  • UX/UI tests (sites web & applications)

Les personas sont de plus en plus utilisés dans différents domaines, comme pour mener des tests sur des sites web ou applications afin de découvrir les éléments positifs et négatifs que l’utilisateur perçoit dans ce produit. Pour ce faire, nous demandons aux utilisateurs possédant des caractéristiques communes à l’un des personas de l’entreprise, de réaliser des tâches spécifiques sur le site web ou l’application afin de mettre en évidence des points faibles qui seront améliorés par la suite. Ces tests permettent de faciliter l’utilisation d’un site web par un utilisateur (ergonomie web ou website usability en anglais), mais également d’améliorer la visibilité des éléments de l’interface en prenons en considération les procédés de responsive web design et de l’affordance.

  • Content Marketing

When creating content, it is important to include keywords that generate traffic to the website and are not too competitive while being relevant in terms of content for the company’s business. These elements are important to consider when writing if the company wants to convince the user. This process of legitimizing your products or services is also called copywriting in English.

  • Emailing

 We also offer our customers emailing campaigns that are effective for business prospects who find themselves at the end of the conversion funnel. Via different platforms, we are able to offer the sending of relevant emails based on the customer’s user journey, which generates great sales performance.

  • Digital transformation support

    We also help companies to undertake their digital transformation through project management advice, but also in management. In addition, we offer dashboarding services and training sessions for internal employees.