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ICM – Digital

Digital Marketing Agency

Boost your sales through digital marketing

ICM-Digital is an agency specialized in digital marketing that helps SMEs to carry out their digital transformations.


Need to develop your web presence? Contact us to discuss it and discover together how we could help you in the realization of your digital projects!

Our services 

Through its digital expertise, our team helps small and medium-sized companies to carry out their digital projects by offering a variety of services adapted to their needs.

Consultancy and Digital Strategy

  • Creation of personas
  • Content Marketing
  • Emailing
  • UX/UI test (websites & applications)


Social Network Management

  • Audit of your presence
  • Creation of an editorial line
  • Community management
  • Contact with influencers

Paid referencing (SEA)

  • Google Ads
  • Google Display
  • Youtube
  • Google Shopping


  • Technical audit (Robots.txt, sitemap.xml)
  • Content audit   (URL, titles, tags, metatags)
  • Popularity audit (backlinks)

Website creation

  • Turnkey website
  • E-commerce
  •  HTML & CSS audit


Photography services

  • Company Pictures
  • Product Shooting
  • Aerial video clips

Digital transformation support

  • Project management consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Training courses
  • Dashboardings

Why should you trust us?

We have many years of experience in supporting companies of various sizes and in various sectors of activity.

The team members have complementary profiles, which allows us to offer our clients a complete set of digital services to help them in their digital transformations.

We help start-ups in the development of their notoriety on search engines and social networks, as well as companies already advanced in their digital transformation processes, for which a digital strategy consultancy is required.

Trust our agency in digital marketing

Our understanding of the sector

Since the 2000s, technological advances and the increasing possession of customer data have had a major impact on companies’ marketing processes. Indeed, the marketing function to gradually move from mass marketing to one-to-one marketing in order to place the customer at the center of their attention.

As a result, firms want to effectively serve their customers and consumers by trying to bring value to them while best meeting their needs. To get closer to its customers and thus become customer-centric, companies generally use a computer system, also called CRM, which allows them to centralize all this customer data.

This data will then be useful when building campaigns on search engines, as well as on social networks, as it allows you to know the audience that the company wants to target.

However, it is necessary to couple these IT tools with a profound restructuring of firms’ organizational structures. It is in this vision of things that we have built our various services that we offer to our customers.

As a result, we help companies to face the challenges of digital technology through consulting in digital strategy, but also by providing support and assistance in digital transformation.


Target the right customers

Targeting  the right clients

Les entreprises s’intéressent de plus en plus au trajet utilisateur, car elles veulent influencer les consommateurs au bon endroit, au bon moment avec le bon outil de communication et le bon message.

Pour représenter ce trajet utilisateur, nous avons l’habitude d’utiliser un modèle qui a la forme d’entonnoir et qui est composé de plusieurs phases, à savoir la considération, l’évaluation, l’achat du produit, et la recommandation (ou également appelé le See-think-do-care model ou le AIDAA model en anglais).

Analyze and increase traffic and conversions

Nous sommes conscients que le digital a permis de faciliter la relation entreprise-client grâce à l’essor des réseaux sociaux et des différentes technologies présentes sur le marché actuel. C’est pour cela que nous élaborons en étroite collaboration avec le client, l’entonnoir de conversion afin d’intégrer les moyens de communications les plus adaptés aux besoins de leurs clients respectifs.

Increase your traffic thanks to our digital marketing agency

Our method

We apply a rigorous approach in order to propose multiple touchpoints in several different communication and media channels while supporting the company in its structural and strategic management.



Understanding the needs and developing the company’s objectives.


Implementation of the strategy built in close collaboration with the client.


Evaluation and optimization of the action points of the digital strategy.


Assistance to internal teams to facilitate digital transformation.

Our certifications


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