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Search Engine Advertising


Search Engine Advertising (SEA) refers to all the techniques that allow you to give visibility to your website in a paid way. Thus, Google allows companies to put paid ads in different ways, namely: sponsored links at the top of search engines, or ads within partner websites.



  • Google Ads

Google offers companies to put sponsored links on its search engine in order to generate traffic to the websites of these companies. To do this, we need to give Google the keywords we want to target through our sponsored links so that Google can show them to the right users when they type those keywords in the search bar. The visibility of each of these sponsored links, coming from different companies that have also bet on these keywords, will be determined from an auction that will focus on both the amount bet and the quality of the ad (the Quality Score). We offer our customers a complete implementation of these ads, but also daily optimizations to ensure good performance.

  • Google Display

Google also allows you to place ads on their partner sites such as Youtube for example. If the keywords are not used to activate the ads, it is the setting up of audiences and their respective characteristics that will be targeted. Thus, this technique complements Google Ads’ services in order to offer additional services.

  • Google Shopping

Google Shopping are advertisements that are extremely effective in promoting products on Google’s search engine. Indeed, by integrating the information of the different products that the company wishes to sell in an Excel file, it is able to put its products at the top of the search engine. The performance of these ads is related to the fact that users can directly see the image of the product with some of its features, such as price and availability in stock.

  • Additional services

We also help you develop your notoriety on search engines via Search Engine Optimization. In addition, we offer our services to develop your visibility on the various social media.