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Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to all the techniques that make a website visible on search engines without charge. Natural SEO techniques are generally divided into three parts: the technical part which refers to optimization on website indexing, the content part, or also called On-Page, which consists of optimizing the content and structure of web pages, and finally the authority part which aims to give credibility to your site by generating links from other sites to yours, also called backlinks.


  • Technical audit (Robots.txt, sitemap.xml, htaccess)

 There are many SEO techniques available to optimize the indexing process of your website, as well as to help Google’s robots find our different pages. We can mention the file sitemap.xml which allows you to list all the sections of your website in order to be able to provide it directly to Google. This technique saves time in indexing, as Google will not have to find your pages itself by browsing the web. Concerning the robots.txt file, it allows you to tell Google which pages you don’t want it to show to users. Finally, the htaccess file will improve the security of your website, increase the loading speed of your website, but also set up redirections.

  • Content auditing

 When creating our web pages and the content that will be found on them, it is important to follow certain terms and optimizations in order to allow Google to properly extract the information we want to send it. Indeed, Google can only read the content that is in the source code of the website, which it will take into consideration to position the website on its search engine. Thus, it is necessary to put adequate semantic tags in the text and titles, to adapt URLs, to put metatags, but also to describe the images present on the site.

  • Backlinks

Since its creation, the Google search engine has brought importance to popular websites, because according to him, a popular site means that it is credible. Thus, the more a website has links from other sites (backlinks), the more authority the website will have with Google. However, some modalities must be taken into consideration, such as “nofollow” links.

  • Additional services

We also help you to develop your notoriety on search engines via Search Engine Advertising, but also via advertisements on the various existing social media.