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Social Media Management

Social networks allow you to promote content to a target audience in order to share exclusive content with that community and thus promote the company’s know-how. In addition, these optimization techniques refer to SMOs or Social Media Optimization, which make it possible to develop notoriety on social networks, but also to increase visibility on search engines.


  • Audit of your online presence

Currently, there are many different social networks on the market, each of which has its own specific community. Thus, it is important to determine the audience that the company wants to target in order to then determine the platform that best suits the target objectives. Social networks can be very good sales channels thanks to their specific and detailed audience creation strategies.

  • Creation of an editorial line

The creation of an editorial line is an essential element to develop a real relationship with your community on social networks. Users want to receive regular content on social networks because they want to be informed of what’s new. Ultimately, this editorial line allows the company to organize the creation of its content, which will facilitate the writing of relevant content and increase community engagement.

  • Community management

Managing a community on social networks requires a real knowledge of the company in question. Indeed, the writing of creative and relevant content requires an explanation of a company’s history, its know-how, but also the presentation of its staff, its latest events and innovations in order to give the community the feeling of having a clear vision of what the company is achieving. In addition, it is important to be responsive to new developments in the news in order to surf the web on trendy and viral topics. Finally, a community is a real asset that a company has in order to promote various events.

  • Contact with influencers

Many micro or macro influencers have succeeded in developing a community committed to social networks through the creation of content around a specific theme. Thus, contacting these influencers makes it possible to create strategies that target a specific audience, which is extremely engaged with their influencers. It should also be noted that users engaged with the community generally trust their influencers more than advertisements directly from various firms.

  • Additional services

We also help you to develop your notoriety on search engines via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but also via Search Engine Advertising (SEA) .