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Our digital agency


What is the history of our digital agency ? With 20 years of experience in supporting the changes and structural transformation of companies of various sizes, ICM wanted to diversify its offers in order to help SMEs face the various challenges imposed by digital technology.

This desire resulted in the addition of the word digital to the agency’s name, while integrating into its team additional collaborators who possess real digital expertise.

The team members already have some experience in the digital world through numerous specialized certificates, but also through positions of responsibility in various companies in various sectors.

These previous experiences have allowed the team members to have a holistic understanding of the industry and the key points to be respected in order to develop digital notoriety and, ultimately, a company’s sales.



We strive to offer a complete service oriented towards the needs of our customers in order to provide real added value through our services.

Customer-oriented digital agency
Tailor-made solution digital agency

Tailor-made solution

We offer tailor-made and customized services to our customers in order to provide the best possible customer experience.


Expertise and results-oriented

We put our expertise at your disposal in order to boost your sales via digital.

Results-oriented digital agency
Great proximity with the client

Close to you!

Proximity to the customer is an essential point in a collaboration. Our method is based on this principle of proximity in order to generate the best possible performance.

Our Mission

We want to provide SMEs with the benefit of our digital expertise, while offering them strategic support adapted to their needs in order to carry out their digital transformations as efficiently as possible.


The mission of our digital agency



Years of experience

Our Values


For us, customer satisfaction is not a slogan. It is an ongoing goal that drives us all and motivates us constantly.


Our team is united and animated by a “team spirit”. We would like to share this with you and develop a long-term collaboration with you.


We are very respectful of all individuals from all cultures, both in our teams and among our partners.